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    Polyteck Building Services was established in July 2005 to provide the highest quality service to discerning clients. Our business presently maintains a property asset value in excess of £800 million.

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    REL Electrical and Mechanical installation specialists

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Save money with LED-lighting

The efficiency of LED (light emitting diode)-lamps is several times better than incandescent lamps and most fluorescent lamps. Also LED lamps have a longer lifespan than most other lamps. LED lamps last 5 times longer than CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs. A typical LED lamp lasts for around 50000 hours what is equal to 17 years if the bulb is on for 8 hours a day. This bulb would use 300 kwhrs in 17 years.  To reach the same lifetime you would need 5 CFL-Bulbs which use in total 700 kwhrs and incandescent bulbs even 3000 kwhrs.

Polyteck Building Services is working close together with LED lamp suppliers. Polyteck provides all kind of lamps you want to have, for example diffused bulbs, dimmable globe LED bulbs, track lighting, reflector LEDs, LED tube lights and many more.

As a service, Polyteck provides:

  • Lighting plans
  • Energy efficiency comparisons and cost analysis
  • Site surveys
  • after sales services


What are you waiting for? Polyteck Building Services offers first class LED lighting consulting and LED services for you.

Please contact us at: http://www.polyteck.co.uk/contactus

More services of Polyteck Building Services: www.polyteck.co.uk/services


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