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14) Sealed Systems

It is not normal practice to include biocides into the feed water of Low, Medium, nor High Temperature (LTHW, MTHW, HTHW) Systems. Bacteriological problems, such as Pseudomonas are not normally encountered, where the water temperature at the boiler output is above 70C.

However in a construction project things are different, systems can lay dormant as parts of the project are finished, while others are still under construction.

Pseudomonas in addition to other bacteriological strains are present in most water supplies,

The Pseudomonas organism present in public water supplies does not cause problems when in the planktonic (water borne) form, only when in the sessile form will ‘bio-films’ (slime) occur on heating and cooling system surfaces, with the resultant loss of efficiency and blockages of waterways;

Systems cannot be maintained in a completely sterile condition, especially when left full of water for extended periods of time, when they will inevitably stagnate.

Problems have not been encountered with any Bacteriological problems in systems where the companies Pre – Commission Cleaning has been carried out to BSRIA

Guidance Note AG2001/1, providing these systems are picked up as part of a proper preventative maintenance programme, whereby the system water quality is maintained to meet the requirements of British Standard BS2468 (1997). The reasons for this success would appear to be:

  • Systems are properly chemically cleaned (to bare metal) and flushed;
  • During the initial flush a biocide has been included;
  • The final water treatment programme always includes an effective biocide.
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