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    Polyteck Building Services was established in July 2005 to provide the highest quality service to discerning clients. Our business presently maintains a property asset value in excess of £800 million.

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    REL Electrical and Mechanical installation specialists

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16) Gutters and Sealoflex

We use and apply Sealoflex waterproofing systems, these systems create a tough membrane that repel moisture, resist chemical and environmental challenges and deliver dependable service eon virtually any building surface. When properly maintained Sealoflex Waterproofing will last indefinitely.

Products have been formulated for roofs and green- roof systems, walls, decks, below-grade surfaces and a wide range of applications.

The advantages are that it is:

·         Simple, cost effective to apply and maintain

·         Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray, chemical

·         Seals pitched and curved surfaces

·         Great for standing seam and corrugated metal

·         Incorporates parapets, gutters and vents

·         Energy Efficient, energy star rated

·         Class A fire rating

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