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7) Lighting Systems and Re-Lamping

Lighting Systems and Re-Lamping

While this sounds trivial this is a very important element involved in the maintenance of any building. Where most companies fail is by not utilising the products available to achieve better longevity of equipment.

Lighting maintenance is an essential electrical testing service. This service is especially valuable to businesses when complying with Heath & Safety regulations in that all work areas are correctly illuminated and the lighting units within the workspace adequately maintained.

Lamp Replacement and Maintenance Services

Spot Lamp Replacement

Group Lamp Replacement: Mass re-lamping a much more cost effective replacement programme.

Low energy lighting: save money by replacing out dated, inefficient lighting with low energy , low cost, low energy lighting.

We have a basic case study which indicates that an LED lamp will produce massive cost savings in energy and maintenance.

Case Study saving base don 24 hour usage:

30No 50w halogen lamps will account for £140.00 per month £1680 per annum in energy consumption

30No 5w LED lamps will account for £14.00 per month £168.00 per month

Cost saving £1512.00 per annum

The useful lamp life of an LED is 15000 hours (2 years)

The useful life of a halogen lamp is 4-6 months

Approximate saving over total lifespan in lamp replacement costs £1792.

It further surprises me as to why in buildings we still insist on installing switches when motion detectors will only switch lights on as and when required ensuring the operation run time is minimal. If there is confusion as to where to fit them then in a commercial building to be safe we would recommend:

  • Toilets
  • Store Rooms
  • Open Plan offices
  • Small offices
  • Circulation areas
  • Stairwells
  • External Lighting
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