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8) Emergency Lighting

  • A primary life safety system which is required to assist the occupants of any premises to evacuate in the event of an emergency
  • Emergency Lighting can and does save lives!
  • The installation of a minimum level of emergency lighting is a legal requirement following assessment of both risks and fire!
  • Emergency routes and exists must be indicated by signs and emergency exists and exists requiring illumination shall be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of their normal lighting
  • Compliance with other standards such as BS5266 Part 7 1998 and the health and safety (Safety Signs and Signals) 1996 etc will also be required.

Emergency Lighting Lux Level Testing

If an installation has been designed to the old standard and there is inadequate photometric design data an illumination level test should be undertaken, this has to be done in an evening in darkness

BS 5266 -1:2005 – Declaration of Conformity

  • If the system was designed to luminance levels given in BS 5266-1:1998, this should be recorded as a deviation.
  • Where authenticated data, mentioned in BS EN 1838:1999/BS 5266-7:1999 is not available the following measurement may be used (Measuring illuminace of emergency lighting)
  • Under test conditions, is adequate illumination provided for safe movement on the escape route and the open areas, this can be checked by checking the illumination from the luminaries
  • Full duration tests involved discharging the batteries, so the emergency lighting system will not be fully functional until the batteries have had time to recharge. For this reason always carry out testing at times of minimal risk, or only test alternative luminaries at any one time
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