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9) Fire Alarm Systems

The regulations require the employer (or owner/landlord as appropriate) to put in place safety measures which include:

1.     Preparation of an emergency action plan

2.     Provision of adequate fire fighting equipment and alarms!!!

3.     Training for staff in emergency procedures

4.     Provision of fire safety information for visitors to a building

5.     Appointment of one or more competent persons to assist the responsible person in complying with regulations

6.     Provision of adequate means of escape and measures for safely managing the evacuation of people with mobility and/or sensory impairments

The Fire Precautions (workplace) regulations 1997 (as amended in 1999)

All Fire systems are designed and serviced in accordance with BS5839 Part 1 2002 .

Fire Alarm systems are designed, installed and serviced to protect the following:

1.     Life

2.     Property

Fire Alarm Maintenance Procedure

Quarterly Maintenance Task Sheet

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